Overpopulation of stray animals a concern in Fiji

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Stray dogs at a Suva neighbourhood. Picture: FILE

Overpopulation of stray animals in Fiji is a major concern.

This, according to Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital (PASH) co-founder and trustee Marie Peyman.

“The impact it has on the community and also on the animals themselves who lead a very very difficult life,” she said.

Ms Peyman said neutering would significantly reduce the stray dog population from the streets.

“If say for example there are 600 stray dogs on the streets it would produce a large number of puppies who will then go on to produce more puppies.”

She said if a lot of stray male dogs and cats are de-sexed, then it would make a significant difference in the stray animal population on the streets.

“The large number of stray animals also makes a bad impression on our tourism sector and we urge dog and cat owners to bring in their pets for de-sexing in the days ahead,” said Ms Peyman.