No 2 in PNG Covid-19 response team dies

Dr Paison Dakulala Photo: Post Courier

The deputy head of Papua New Guinea’s National Pandemic Response to Covid-19, Dr Paison Dakulala, died Monday.

PNG Police Commissioner and the man leading the response, David Manning, issued a statement on Monday evening.

Commissioner Manning said he was “deeply saddened at the death of a humble, dedicated and committed medical professional.”

Manning, who has been one of the hundreds to have recently contracted Covid-19 in PNG, said Dr Dakulala was a selfless man who “stood with me and provided support and advice as we took on a global pandemic.”

Dr Dakulala cared for the people and gave everything to the PNG Government response to Covid-19, said Manning.

“I thank his family also for their husband and father’s contribution to the people of Papua New Guinea in the public health space and especially over the recent year in our Covid-19 response,” he added.

“May God grant us the peace and comfort as we mourn his passing.”

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