Niueans contemplate changes to their Constitution

O'Love Jacobsen Photo: RNZ/Daniela Maoate-Cox

A veteran Niue politician hopes a constitutional review will lead to improvements in financial accountability by government.

O’Love Jacobsen is leading the review – the first on the island in nearly 30 years.

She said initially they were seeking submissions from residents on concerns they had with the current document, which was drawn up nearly 50 years ago.

Jacobsen, said after a political career going back more than 30 years, she wanted to see more stringent financial controls on government to ensure transparency and accountability, particularly since much of this money comes from New Zealand.

She said the island hadn’t been very good at that in the past.

“I think we need to also make sure that we are accountable and transparent to those whom we represent. More importantly to the people who give us the assistance.”

A constitutional review in 1991 resulted in amendments passing control of the Niue Public Service Commission to the island’s government, rather than it be run out of a government department in Wellington.

O’Love Jacobsen said that review also rewrote the rules on nationality.

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