New outfits for Vatukoula-based school

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Vatukoula Primary School U14 rugby and netball teams with their new uniforms. Picture: SUPPLIED

Vatukoula Primary School’s under-14 rugby and netball teams found themselves beaming with joy as they received a special surprise – brand new uniforms at their school yesterday.

The generous gifts came from an unexpected source: the former students of the Class of ’86 group, united by their shared school memories.

Glen Proud, the president of the Class of ’86 group, revealed that the idea sprang from a collective concern for the students who had long been donning faded, worn-out uniforms.

“The sports teams always wear old uniforms, and we feel proud of giving back to the school and assisting them,” expressed Proud, embodying the spirit of alumni camaraderie.

The initiative, born out of a sense of empathy and a desire to contribute positively to their alma mater, culminated in a heartwarming moment at the school.

The new uniforms not only represent a tangible gift but also carry with them the sentiment of support from those who once walked the same hallways.

For the young athletes of Vatukoula Primary School, these uniforms are more than just fabric; they symbolise a connection between past and present, a bridge built by the generosity of former students who understand the importance of unity and shared pride in one’s school.

As the U14 rugby and netball teams don their vibrant new attire, they carry not just the colours of their teams but also the spirit of community support that uplifts the entire school in the new season.