Man cops 14 years for rape

Picture: FILE

The High Court in Lautoka jailed a man for 14 years and seven months for raping a 14-year-old girl in July, 2019.

Justice Thushara Rajasinghe said in his October 13 ruling that the man, who was the victim’s step-uncle, had breached the trust of the girl.

“Instead of caring and looking after this small, young complainant, you manipulatively used her naivety in childhood to satisfy your lustful sexual gratification,” said Justice Rajasinghe.

“She was fourteen years old and you were forty-seven years old when this offence took place.

“By committing this crime, you have exposed this fourteen-year-old child to sexual activities at a very young age, thus preventing her from having a natural growth of maturity in her life.”

The court was told that the accused was a first offender and was a person of good character.

“The community has perceived you as a man of good character and not as a child paedophile and allowed you to be freely moved in the community.

“Therefore, I do not find your previous good character has any significant mitigatory value. Hence, you are only entitled to a meager discount for your previous good character.”

The judge set a non-parole period of twelve years and seven months.

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