Letters to the Editor | Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Members of the Nadroga rugby side after defending the farebrother trophy against Naitasiri at Lawaqa Park in Sigatoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Stallions out to end Suva’s unbeaten run

THE prestigious Inkk Farebrother Sullivan Trophy is at stake as giants of the Skipper Cup and the unbeaten FMF Suva side faces the Cambridge Farm Nadroga team at Lawaqa Park. The Stallions have successfully defended the trophy they value more than anything else against Namosi (23-15) and Naitasiri (29-20). The Stallions got a drubbing at the hands of Suva (31-17) in round one of this year’s Skipper Cup but defending the Inkk Farebrother Sullivan Trophy at Lawaqa Park will be a different story. The likes of Ratunaisa Navuma, Penijamini Makutu, Manueli Ratuniyarawa, Mesake Tuinamena, Jonacani Vucago, Ilikimi Torosi, Apisalome Vota, Aminiasi Natoga, Joseva Kuricuva, and veteran Timoci Sauvoli will lead the battle against Suva. It’s a battle that will bring out the best from two sides who have a rugby history. The battle will also bring out the best from spectators. Nadroga’s never say die attitude will be tested today. Hakwa Nadro! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Power of trust

I LOVE what Stephen M R Covey writes in his best-selling book, The Speed of Trust: “There is one thing that is common to every individual, relationship, team, family, organisation, nation, economy and civilisation throughout the world — one thing which, if removed, will destroy the most powerful government, the most successful business, the most thriving economy, the most influential leadership, the greatest friendship, the strongest character, the deepest love.” On the other hand, if developed and leveraged, that one thing has the potential to create unparalleled success and prosperity in every dimension of life. Yet, it is the least understood, the most neglected, and most underestimated possibility of our time. That one thing is “TRUST.” Whether it’s business, relationships, sports or the “ship” of state — I believe that trust is the “engine-room” that powers success. COLIN DEOKI Australia

Gullibility of Fijians

THE gullibility of Fijians is the reason we are so easily exploited by pyramid schemes. Truly sad indeed! WISE MUAVONO Balawa, Lautoka

Absurd proposal

THE 32 per cent tariff increase proposal by Energy Fiji Ltd in not only absurd and irrational, but is also is borderline ridiculous, considering that the justification provided is all based on hypothetical scenarios, punctuated with technical sounding language gymnastics, devoid of any verifiable data. Just a word of advice, that which can be claimed without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. RAJESH LAL Navua

Miracle workers

I WILL change my belief and follow them if only those so-called miracle workers around the island nation healing the sick and performing miracles on social media do have time to visit sickly patients in hospitals around our nation. I’ve seen quite a few members of various religious organisations in the past and the newbies today performing miracle wonders within their own religious confinements, but I haven’t seen nor heard of them performing their miracle wonders in hospitals or at Nauluvatu, so to speak. AREKI DAWAI Suva

Tariff increase

ENERGY Fiji Ltd’s request for an increase in tariff rates should be strongly reconsidered. EFL’s financial position is undeniably robust, boasting annual profits that surpass the $50 million mark. This fact alone should provide a solid rationale for denying the proposed tariff increase. Furthermore, EFL possesses the financial capability to grant its employees a substantial 12 per cent salary increase. Given its substantial profitability and capacity to accommodate enhanced employee compensation, there appears to be little merit in imposing higher tariff rates on consumers. Such a move could impose a significant burden on consumers, particularly those already struggling with economic challenges stemming from the soaring cost of living, inflation and recent VAT increases. It is imperative that the FCCC carefully assesses whether any justification exists for implementing a tariff increase. SANJEET PRASAD Bulileka, Labasa

Sweet victory

THE powerful editorial by The Fiji Times editor-in-chief Fred Wesley summed up our victory over the Australian Wallabies at the Rugby World Cup in France by the FIJI Water Flying Fijians (FT 19/9). Fijians from home and abroad were truly emotional to see the former two-time world champions Australia outplayed at the full house Stade Geoffrey- Guchard in Saint-Etienne. My lucky number seven saw the winning margin by seven points and my favourite Levani Botia donning the No. 7 Jersey. Interesting indeed, all the tries were scored by Fijians on both sides, kaise baat Jan? Jan Nissar of Sydney keeps belittling Fijians as grog dopeys. Jan, for once I accept myself as a grog dopey to celebrate Fiji’s historic win, over your adopted Australia. Definitely the win by our Flying Fijians was the referee’s fault not to see the hitch sway towards the Wallabies as our mighty gladiators created pure history fair and square on the battle field. For a tiny nation such as Fiji with limited sporting resources, made my grog even sweeter after 69 years of waiting to beat the Wallabies. Jan, you played golf at Lautoka Golf Club, and fittingly the golf course rating is Par 69. With a soft spot in my heart after Fiji’s win, I once again invite you to LGC and give you a bottle of VAT 69 whisky to enjoy at South Seas Club, Lautoka with your fellow 7s rugby critics. I am for Fiji, ever Fiji. God bless all Fijians. RAYMOND SINGH Golf links, Lautoka

A powerful therapy

SLEEP is a therapy that drives you into oblivion Sounds and surroundings dissipate You go into a transient like death It is such a mysterious and enigmatic journey Between awakened state and sleep state In sleep you experience healing From tiredness, tension, anxiety and stress Though temporary and momentary Sleep is a great divine gift of God Imagine there was no sleep What would happen to mind and body? The moment we glide into slumber mode Our consciousness is benumbed We have no idea until we wake up On waking up we say “I don’t know where I was” Sleep intoxicates the mind gradually Slipping into emptiness Depending on the state of mind There is calmness or disquiet in sleep Sometimes you dream in your sleep Does sleep usher in peace? Is a question that boggles the mind In sleep people may seem to think you are at peace What happens inside is a big question mark Going off to sleep is like entering a wonderland That sucks you into an embalmed space Sleep is a powerful medicine that propels sleep Causing drowsiness and moments of magical spell A restful and peaceful sleep acts as a therapy, But the journey between sleep and waking up, Is an obscure and a mysterious journey, Sleep is a natural process Wake up is by the Grace of God. BHAGWANJI BHINDI Laucala Beach Estate, Nasinu

Laughing is not funny

THAT’S when it is at a time you are struggling or in a situation or misfortune. A recent example was when I went to rescue a pup attempting to cross Princes Rd in Tamavua and it was peak hour, to boot. I went to grab him but he bit me. I grabbed a sack and picked him up, cradling him in my arms and waited to cross. Cars were not stopping. He was put in the back of my car parked across the road. I drove to the old rehabilitation hospital buildings where I would usually feed him and his mother who sheltered him under the building. He was suffering from Rickets; vitamin D deficiency because of poor diet and lack of sunlight. He had deformed legs. When I picked him up I realised that his back leg was broken. He was searching for his mother as she is normally by his side. She was not around. I arrive at the track where I normally park. I let the little boy out and he ran under the front wheel. There were grasscutters nearby watching me struggle to get him. They all found it very amusing. One had gloves on so I asked him to get the pup for me. Some women come out of the Nursing School and they were smiling … at what, I wondered? I asked one of them to help me with a bag I take for feeding the mother and pup as I was running out of hands. As I walked down along the track, my big boy (dog) was curious to see what I was holding. I was relieved to be away from the smiles and laughter but then it began to rain. I put the small warm body under the building and he limped away in fear. I put out some milk and biscuits but next morning when I returned it was still there. I had a heavy heart made even more heavy by the arrogance of people who don’t appreciate the cruelty and pain our homeless dogs suffer. Smile and laugh at only happy or funny things and that wasn’t one of those times. JULIE SUTHERLAND Tamavua, Suva

Rugby critic

SOME rugby fans hate that rugby critic so much that they even re-post his criticism on their own FB page. Go on guy, lead them astray! AREKI DAWAI Suva

Staying calm

DOES the Minister of Home Affairs have any other job other than to tell Fijians (I mean the people of Fiji) to stay calm, almost every second day? I mean, who is not calm, that he has to tell them? Or is it the case he knows something we all do not? JAN NISSAR Sydney, Australia

Truth commission

IF I appear before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and tell them that someone told me in Labasa that one month’s time the labour government will fall. What would they do? Anyway, if they want to call me they may so. SUKHA SINGH Labasa

Beautiful game

IT’S not hard to see why the legendary Pele had called soccer “the beautiful game” when you see Lazio goalkeeper Ivan Provedel run into the Atletico Madrid penalty box to score a mesmerising header in the 95th minute in extra time to draw the match 1-all in the Champions League. It’s a joy to see stuff like that in soccer. RAJEND NAIDU Sydney, Australia

School dropout

THE Ministry of Education can introduce course work-based assessment so that the issue of dropout is drastically reduced. ASISH VINAY PRASAD Raiwasa, Suva

Pirate taxis

CAN the owners of the big supermarket located at the top of Mead Rd please allow or provide customers to use legal taxis rather than those “pirate cars” (unlicensed taxis) insisted and provided by the team of security on-site. AREKI DAWAI Suva

Municipal poll

THE Minister for Local Government announced that the municipal election will be held late next year now as public consultation will be carried out soon. One thing that boggles my mind is the provision of those living in areas for three months can vote or contest. Maybe the ministry change the Local Government Act and remove the name ratepayers because it defeats the purpose of being a ratepayer when anyone who lives in a area without owning property can vote or contest. GEOFFREY CHAND Lautoka