Letters to the Editor | Friday, February 9, 2024

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Iosefo Masi. Picture: FILE

Masi deserves a place!

I was impressed with the performance of Iosefo Masi who featured for the Swire Shipping Fijian Drua against the ACT Brumbies. Masi scored a scintillating try and was solid in defence. He was part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games gold medal win over the All Blacks 27-12. The rookie sevens forward played with a fractured finger in the gold medal win, as he was injured from the first pool game against Japan, and the team management strapped his finger according to what was advised to them by the medical people. That moment of madness after the final whistle will forever be cherished as the footage showed several players, Vilimoni Botitu among them, on their knees in a line as the All Blacks 7s players stood respectfully in the background. The team then marked the occasion in traditional fashion, singing the hymn Eda sa qaqa which features the lyrics ‘We have overcome’. Masi is a tower of strength in the Drua back-line. He has enormous strength and speed to burn and if used in the 7s team as a forward, he will be destructive. I would love to see Masi feature for Fiji in the Paris Olympics. Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Drua jersey sponsors

I was not impressed with the Fijian Drua jersey while watching their pre-season warm-up game against the Brumbies. It feels like their kit is overpacked with sponsor logos as it is printed all across their T-shirts and even shorts. One of the sponsor’s logos is printed on the buttock area, which does not really look inspiring at all. Can a better idea be created to integrate all sponsors in a way that jerseys remain authentic. Raynav Chand Nakasi

Think about it!

Ponder long, deep and hard why our country is in such a mess. We have growing NCDs, poverty, corruption, bribery, drugs, garbage, nepotism and so on. Have you ever thought that one of contributing factors could be people in positions of power hanging on to the same jobs for long periods of time? Why not increase the term of the Parliament from the current four years to five years and compulsorily limit the positions of Prime Minister, Attorney-General, Director of Public Prosecutions, COMPOL, Commander of RFMF, the President of Fiji, Chief Justice and the Auditor-General to no more than the term of one Parliament? I believe regular rotations will ensure that the time to play monkey will be shortened and younger people will have the opportunity to aspire to contribute and lead the country. Time is changing fast and the time of the foxes and owls is coming to an end. New Zealand, France and UK, North Korea and many other States already have very young leaders. Cause the change for the better. Ajai Kumar Nadi

Climate stocktake

While Pacific Islands, including Fiji, are right in raising concerns at international meetings, about being the first impacted by climate change, one cannot dispute the fact that in the past 10 years the amount climate funding received has significantly increased. They have come with different areas of focus such as gender, water security, food security, resilience building and the list goes on. Is it not time for us to pause and do a stocktake? How much of funding have we received? How effective and willing are we to support co-ordination in country among stakeholders such as natural resource government ministries and non-governmental organisations? How good are we at receiving, utilising and acquitting funds? Are our financial systems and structures updated to increase our capacities to manage large funds as well as adhere to donor policies? Have we improved in terms of reporting to donors? Do we have an updated listed of priorities for discussion with potential donors? Have we invested in training our people to become proposal writers? How much donor funds received goes towards international consultants? All in all, we deserve funding to build the resilience of our people but this must go hand in hand with proper planning and internal co-ordination. With all due respect, a climate stocktake is due and needs to be regularly reviewed. Floyd Robinson Micronesia

Kulas go one up!

Congratulations to the Fiji Kula women’s football side for their well-deserved 10-0 win against American Samoa. A hat-trick each from Sofi Diyalowai and Cema Nasau, who was named player of the match, and a goal each from Koleta Likuculacula, Kasanita Tabua, Preeya Singh and Unaisi Tuberi set the platform as the Kula cruised in their opening match. However, goal scoring continues to be an area of concern as the missed sitters could haunt our performances against other teams in our pool and those who we will face in the eliminations. New Zealand as usual has come into the tournament as favourites, but this Fiji team is deadly. We have the right mix. The players look fit and have high team spirit and character. The team bonding looks good and coach Angeline Chua has done her homework. As I congratulate the Kulas, I urge them to remain humble and focus on the big match versus PNG! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

Magic column

First of all, I would like to sincerely thank The Fiji Times for allowing us to pen our two cents on their magic column known as “Letters to the Editor”. The column has provided a platform for the public to voice their opinions, including grievances. I wrote two letters dated 13/12/23 and 24/01/24 on the sewer leakage along the corridors of Nabua town, and finally my grievances have been dealt with. Last Sunday, as I was coming back from church and passing the shops, I noticed that someone had pasted my letter dated 24/01/24 on the wall close to where the leakage is. Yet, nothing had been done to rectify the issue of the leakage. It was still flowing in its majestic glory and blowing out its strong scent more than ever, so much so that even your nostrils would just want to erase themselves from your face. Yesterday (8/02/24), I finally saw a board with a notice that read, “Careful wet cement!”. I am forever grateful to The Fiji Times, the person who pasted my letter on the wall, and to the relevant authority for finally directing their efforts toward relieving our plight. I know it took some time to fix this, but better late than never. Thumbs up to everyone, especially the magic column, for providing a shoulder to lean on. Litiana M-Rakire Nabua, Suva

Sharing of online video

So the Minister for Women, Children, and Social Protection has justified her reason for sharing a video where an 11-year-old girl was subjected to physical abuse by her father. The minister’s justification for sharing the video on her personal Facebook page encompassed her role as the minister responsible. What on Earth is the minister smoking in her respective ministry? If this had transpired in New Zealand, the minister would be dismissed immediately. The minister stated she will remove the video if notified by the Fiji Police Force or the Online Safety Commission. Aaron Blakewood Auckland, New Zealand

Culture of silence

This culture is the system of dominant social relations, in my view, that instills a negative, silenced and suppressed self-image, into the oppressed. It can also be a “conspiracy to silence”, that may be motivated by positive interest in group solidarity. Almost all people of our nation, witnessed as such, during the past 16 years of Bainimarama’s two-man administration. The “season” that brought about an unimaginable national debt level, with abuse of office practices. As responsible citizens, we are not to be overwhelmed by such a culture. Samu Silatolu Nakasi

Spare the rod

IMAGINE if camera phones were easily accessible in the ’70s, ’80s and early ’90s. I believe most of our grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts would have been convicted and spent time in prison for not sparing the rod to discipline us. AREKI DAWAI Suva

An invitation

Kirti Patel has been an avid writer to this column for a long time. She has written a few opinions about me and my thoughts which I do not mind at all. That is the beauty of free speech in newly liberated Fiji. I will still give her a lift whenever I am in Fiji. I wish to invite her to lunch at South Seas Club in Lautoka next week to show her the continuing improvements at the Club. Jan Nissar Sydney, NSW, Australia

Roy’s game

Roy Krishna is scoring an average of two goals per game in the Indian Soccer league but he has not been able to score any goals in the games he has played for the Fiji team. It could mean he hasn’t been able to fit into the Fiji team or the teams in the Indian national league are weaker than the South Pacific Island teams. I wonder if the Fiji football officials have noticed this. Over to the soccer experts and brother Jan Nissar. Sukha Singh Labasa

Online commission

How effective is the Online Safety Commission? Of the 29.1 per cent of cyber bullying cases that were reported last year, how many cases did they actually resolve? Asking for a friend! Wise Muavono Balawa, Lautoka

Drug challenge

The Fiji Times front page “Hard drug probe” (FT 6/1) is a timely reminder about our drug issues. To bring this under control needs the support and cooperation of all. We should empower all through awareness programs at all levels, for schools and communities to be undertaken by the authorities concerned. The recent historic arrests reveal the efficiency of Fiji’s security forces. Prevention and alertness are key towards saving many lives. Tahir Ali Hamilton, New Zealand

Viral video

IF only the women in that viral video had the courage to intervene and stop that inhumane act! If only they had the courage to grab that piece of hose pipe and use it on that man. If only… SANJEET PRASAD Mani Rd, Bulileka, Labasa

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