Letters to the Editor – December 1, 2018

Semi Radradra celebrates after scoring a try against France during their match at Stade De France stadium in Paris, France. Fiji beat France 21-14. Picture: AP PHOTO

Snazzy sexy rugby

Watching the Fiji-France match for the first time was not only exciting but exhilarating!

A second viewing revealed in more detail just how great a game our Flying-Fijians played.

For me the game had to be watched for a third time and this time I watched it online with my earphones on and everything just became obvious and clear that our warriors displayed one of, if not, the best, performance by a Flying-Fijian outfit.

We are definitely up there with tier one teams.

It was all summed up by the broadcaster of the match when he summed up the encounter in saying, “What we’ve seen is some very interesting running rugby by Fiji, all very intricate and snazzy sexy rugby!

Snazzy entertaining rugby indeed!

Simon Hazelman, Savusavu

Let’s work together

The headline in yesterdays The Fiji Times “Let’s work together” brings to fore the need for leaders to join hands for the betterment of our beloved Fiji.

Former PM Sitiveni Rabuka offered an olive branch to our honourable PM Bainimarama for the two leaders to work together and give back to the people of Fiji a country they would be proud of.

Rabuka reiterated the call by the President for MPs to work together for peace, stability and prosperity.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see MPs working together to create a peaceful Fiji!

As we are in the holiday period youths would have watched this week’s Parliament sessions and they would have got a fair idea of how things could unfold in the near future.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to more constructive and robust discussions on ways to take Fiji forward.

Finally, hats off to The Fiji Times for reporting this week’s Parliament session in a very professional and neutral manner and for sharing some light moments from this week’s Parliament via colourful photos.

It is this professional reporting in our No.1 newspaper that makes reading enjoyable and worthwhile!

Cheers Fiji!

Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nadawa, Nasinu

Plastic dilemma

This plastic thingy is really eating my brains out.

I know it’s good awareness to encourage people to stop the use of plastic as it’s very harmful to the environment, but why do you need to charge them 20 cents a piece.

More consideration needs to be looked into before implementing cost for such.

I mean, if you don’t want us to use plastic, then please provide us with an alternative especially in the supermarkets.

Most people eventually ended up buying plastic bags again because it’s not like we take our shopping bags everywhere we go.

Customer services is paramount in any organisation and I believe that after doing your shopping from any supermarket, the least that they can do is provide alternative package rather than asking us if we want to buy plastic to pack the goods, seriously we just bought this many goods from your shop, the least you can do is provide free plastics or whatever, come on man stop reaping off our sweats.

It’s just simple, if you don’t want it, stop manufacturing it.

Samuela Rareba, Raiwaqa, Suva

Parliament show

No, not the TV series but our B&B in Parliament.


These women have brought about some light and glamour not only with their sense of dress but with sensible debate.

These intelligent women should just get together and form a feminist party for the next elections and bring back the honour the August house so much deserves.

Lenora for PM and Lynda for A-G.

We already have the Speaker of the house.

Rosy our Minister for Education. Premila can continue with her portfolio.

Put the old men and boys on the other side of the floor.

Time for change.

Edward Kumar, Lautoka

Debate issue

When family members are used in Parliament as political pedestals, you know you’re at the bottom of the barrel.

When it comes with a crocodile or two, wow, just wow!

Rick Eyre, Lautoka

Wonderful picture

What a wonderful picture of Opposition Leader Sitiveni Rabuka and Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama (FT30/11).

And that headline “Rabuka to Bainimarama — Let’s work together.”

What a noble thing to say and I hope the PM will accede to that for the good of the people.

Let’s move on and build a better Fiji.

Let the past stay in the past, we can’t change it.

So, let’s put our best foot forward and move on.

By the way, I like your ties, they seem to have something in common.

Allen Lockington, Kava Place, Waiyavi, Lautoka

Maiden speeches

After listening to the speeches of most of the members of the Government side, it was like a speech competition on who can praise Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama the most.

Sukha Singh, Labasa

People’s assembly

Thank you Leader of Opposition for a very relevant maiden speech in Parliament this week.

You bring wisdom and maturity to the House, or as you aptly put it, “the people’s assembly”.

Samu Railoa, Tailevu

Brewery burning

After reading my future father-in-law’s letter titled “Brewery burning” (FT 30/11), I smiled and told myself, “Don’t worry momo. I know you love your amber coloured liquid. If it had completely burnt down, I would build your very own brewery.”

Isa, that’s how much I love my momo.

Wise Muavono, Balawa, Lautoka

Vernacular language

I personally believe that Parliament should allow vernacular languages for the benefit of those in rural communities and for those who do not understand English very well.

Hopefully Standing Orders are reviewed to cater for these needs.

Bill Kunavatu, Lautoka

Selective memory

I believe Alvick Maharaj has forgotten that he is in Parliament today because of the 2006 coup by his leader.

Dan Urai, Lautoka

Escape from custody

I believe escaping from remand is becoming a national sport.

It is time Fiji moved on to where private companies are employed to do all duties of prisoner transfers and guarding them while in courts etc.

This is common practice in many countries and allows police officers to do their normal job of catching criminals rather than letting them escape.

Why are we still employing special constables, I thought that had been stopped?

Allan Loosley, Tavua

Key players

In his speech where he condemned Sitiveni Rabuka for his role in the 1987 military coup, Alvick Maharaj (FT 29/11) failed to mention some other key players in that coup who went on to recast themselves as democrats and multiracialists and joined the post-2006 coup government.

Why the selective condemnation I wonder?

Rajend Naidu, Sydney, Australia

Matters in Parliament

Listening to the speech delivered by the A-G in Parliament where he was so emotional revealing the abuse his family faced on social media leading up to the 2018 election, I begin to question whether the Parliament is a place for personal or national matters.

Sitiveni Rakuka, for instance, had many attacks on his personal and family life from social media and even from the FijiFirst party members themselves, but he absorbed them and continued to pursue his political life, hoping to provide better services for us Fijians.

Ro Teimumu Kepa had a fair share of abuse on her personal life and her chiefly status on social media and the FijiFirst party leader himself, however, she managed to keep her composure and continued on her political career.

There are many other candidates who have had similar experiences, however, that is expected when one chooses to be a political figure, putting his or her reputation on the spotlight to be criticised, attacked or praised by the people who they want to represent in power.

I believe the Parliament is a place to discuss national issues that matter for the people of this nation and not a House where ministers become emotional because of their personal issues.

Kositatino Tikomaibolatagane Vuninokonoko Rd, Navua

Media trust

I totally agree with Opposition MP Lenora Qereqeretabua that the media has lost our trust (FT 30/12).

In a democracy like ours, media freedom is essential and journalists must report responsibly with an unbiased perspective.

Long live civil rights.

Amenatave Yaconisau, Palm Drive, Delainavesi

Proud of A-G

I salute you sir, for your contribution to this nation.

People are right behind you and your family.

Keep doing what you think is right for everyone and for Fiji as a whole.

You are the most intelligent out there.

Never in our history there was any with so much knowledge and there won’t be any, and so many look up to you every day.

You certainly make my day, every day.

Don’t leave any stone unturned, get to the bottom and all will enjoy the future.

I wish you, Ela and your lovely kids, the three well.

A. Shariff Shah, Savusavu

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