Group to set up its centre and create employment

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Miles Blok (left) during the launch of the Outsource Fiji brand in Suva on Thursday. Picture: ABISHEK CHAND

The BDE Group is ready to set up its centre in the country in April employing around 30 to 40 people.

This was according to founder Miles Blok during an interview on Thursday.

He said the BDE Group provided outsourcing support to Australian companies which were in the finance sector, including lenders or banks etc.

Mr Blok added they had been operating on a small scale, carrying out outsourcing services to Fiji for five or six years.

“We’re in the process of incorporating our own selves here in Fiji, to really expand and focus all our energy on Fiji itself.

“So we’ve been outsourcing to India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Fiji, but we’re going to focus now on Fiji and move as much of our operations to Fiji as possible.

“We are going to launch in April and we’re going to start with 30 to 40 staff but we plan to grow that to 100 to 200 very quickly.”

Mr Blok said they chose Fiji because of the real positive culture which they found among the staff they employed here.

“They are very hardworking, they fit very well with the culture of our company in Australia, and our customers really liked them.

“We found that we’re often able to get higher skilled people here in Fiji than what we are able to easily access in Australia.

“So people have a really good approach to their work — the same thing that makes Fiji such a great destination for tourism is the same reason that it’s such a good destination for customer service for our team.

“We’re really looking forward to sort of growing that.”

The BDE Group has been working with Greymouse Fiji for five to six years now as according to Mr Blok this was their first step.

“Our first step was to work with a local partner and we’ve really grown that partnership over the last years.

“And then we’ll continue to work together in partnership, but we will have our own operation here as well.”

Mr Blok said there was an unlimited opportunity for Fiji’s BPO sector. He said 100s and 1000s of jobs in Australia get outsourced around the world and there was no reason this couldn’t come to Fiji. “Fiji is a perfect place for most of these most tasks.

“The efforts that have been taken by both the government and the BPO Council over the last couple of years, we’ve really observed the industry mature phenomenally in a short period of time.

“And so, it’s really coming along as a destination.”

Mr Blok said he was really excited that they were moving their base here which would be the centre of their global operations here in Fiji.

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