Fiji’s national carrier wins five star major airline award

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Fiji Airways Managing Director and CEO Andre Viljoen accepted the Five Star Major Airline award – in the prestigious APEX Official Airline Ratings – on behalf of the airline in California, USA. Picture: SUPPLIED

National carrier Fiji Airways has achieved its second consecutive victory as a Five Star Major Airline in the prestigious APEX Official Airline Ratings.

The APEX Official Airline Ratings, recognised for their impartiality, were independently certified by a professional external auditing company.

In accepting the award on behalf of the airline in California, USA, Fiji Airways Managing Director and CEO Andre Viljoen expressed his gratitude and pride in this significant accomplishment.

“We at Fiji Airways have worked tirelessly to maintain the highest standards of service and safety, and we are thrilled to once again be recognised as an APEX Five Star Major Airline. This achievement is no small feat, especially for an airline of our size, located in the remote South Pacific,” Mr Viljoen said.

“This award is a testament to the dedication, resilience, and tenacity of our exceptional team. It’s not just a win for Fiji Airways but also for the entire nation of Fiji.

“Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, our national carrier has shown remarkable strength, and we are now counted among the elite ‘Major Airlines’ globally,” he said.

Fiji Airways remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence, ensuring that passengers’ experiences continue to be marked by comfort, safety, and exceptional service.

With this second consecutive APEX Five Star Major Airline award, Fiji Airways reaffirms its position among the elite airlines worldwide.

This remarkable achievement demonstrates the airline’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to providing world-class service to its passengers.

For the 2024 Awards, Fiji Airways underwent a thorough evaluation, with passengers from around the world rating nearly one million flights across more than 600 airlines using a comprehensive five-star scale.

Fiji Airways proudly stands among an exclusive group of airlines worldwide, as one of just ten carriers to be honored with the prestigious Five Star Major Airline Award 2024.