Fiji’s human rights lawyer sits in human rights panel to discuss NSW’s proposed Dying Bill

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Human rights lawyer Sabrina Khan-Sharma says a new program titled FRWEN – Fiji Rural Women Empowerment Network – will empower single mothers and disenfranchised rural women and help them develop important life skills. Picture: SUPPLIED

Christian human rights lawyer Sabrina Khan-Sharma is the only Fijian lawyer included in a human rights panel to discuss the proposed New South Wales Bill to legalise voluntary assisted dying.

The discussion was hosted by Family Voice Australia’s State Director for New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, Greg Bondar.

And panellists included executive director Euthanasia Prevention Coalition – Alex Schadenberg, Minister for Parliament’s Kevin Conolly and Prof John Whitehall from the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia – all of whom have exercised their rights to oppose MP Alex Greenwich’s proposal of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill.

Ms Khan-Sharma said she was humbled to have been part of the discussion and in the presence of such an eminent panel of speakers.

Ms Khan-Sharma is the founder of Proverbs Law, a law firm based in Nadi which has been assisting women from disadvantaged backgrounds learn important life skills.

More recently, she established Fiji Rural Women’s Empowerment Network, a program designed to empower rural women of Fiji.