Fijian 7s impact

New Zealand’s Luke Masirewa will be among Fijian players playing for the All Blacks Sevens team in Cape Town this weekend. He attacks here against Fiji’s Amenoni Nasilasila and Alasio Naduva. Picture: WORLD RUGBY

THE Fijian boys in the New Zealand 7s team or the All Blacks Sevens played a significant role that contributed to their victory in Dubai last weekend.

Playmaker Vilimoni Koroi, Luke Masirewa and Amanaki Nicole were instrumental for the Kiwis in Dubai. And they are poised to repeat their mesmerising performance at the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series’ South Africa 7s this weekend.

New Zealand 7s assistant coach Tomasi Cama Jr said these Fijian players had survived and got accustomed to the team culture and environment.

“The Fijian boys always play a part because they do understand the game,” Cama Jr said.

“They have to understand our system and how we can play together as a team first which then allows them to play what they see and use their strength. “Koroi is a world-class rugby 7s player and it’s good to have him back.

He reads and understands the game so well and his influence on the field plays a big part for us.

“Luke is starting to play some good rugby and also Amanaki. It’s demanding and you have to be on your game all the time and I think they started to understand that.”

Flyer Jo Ravouvou failed to make the final cut for the Dubai and South Africa 7s because of passport issue.

“We are still waiting on Joe’s situation with his passport and we have the right people who are looking after that. It’s out of our control so we just have to wait.”

Cama Jr said New Zealand’s win in Dubai was through teamwork and a tough defensive pattern.

“I believe it’s the culture and environment we have created for this group.

“We work hard on the details around our game and skill sets, but for us to connect emotionally and to inspire one another, effort with and without the ball is what we based ourselves on.

“We know that every team can play when it comes to rugby, but when it’s time to dig deep and go into those dark moments, these boys man up to the job. “It is the connection we have to work for each other.

“That is what it comes down to and how well we can prepare before each game is so important for us,” Cama said.

New Zealand faces South Africa, Samoa and Zimbabwe in Pool A of the Cape Town 7s this weekend.

The Gareth Baber-coached Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team is in Pool C against England, France and Kenya. Fiji spent yesterday training in Cape Town in the 19th annual South Africa 7s.

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