Fiji Military soldiers participate in Exercise Cartwheel 2023

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Lt-Col Vakatale paid a visit to the troops taking part in Ex Cartwheel 2023 in the Nausori Highland Training Area. Picture: SUPPLIED/PTE. L.Y.SORO

Members of the Republic of the Fiji Military Force (RFMF) on Tuesday took part in the Exercise Cartwheel 2023 in the Nausori highlands training area, and involved different aspects of military activities that included repelling, section assault, house clearing, and survival techniques.

Exercise Cartwheel is a multilateral military-to-military training exercise with the Republic of Fiji Military, Australian, New Zealand, and British forces.

It builds expeditionary readiness and interoperability by increasing the capacity to face crises and contingencies by developing and stressing units at the highest training levels.

Commanding officer for the Third Battalion of Fiji Infantry Regiment (3FIR) of Lieutenant Colonel (Lt-Col) Atunaisa Vakatale paid a visit to the soldiers and was given a tour of the three stations within the training area.

Major Mikaele Masiwini, the commander of the Fiji contingent, gave Lt-Col Vakatale a general overview of the three training stations prior to visiting the troops.