Fiji Batt reoccupy North Camp after 8-year lapse

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The Second Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment (2FIR) Batt 42 has reoccupied North Camp (NC) in Sinai after an eight-year hiatus. Picture: PACOM

A milestone for Fijian peacekeeping efforts was achieved when the Second Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment (2FIR) Batt 42 reoccupied North Camp (NC) in Sinai after an eight-year hiatus.

Serving with the Multinational Forces and Observers (MFO), the return to NC signifies a significant step forward in resuming the Civilian Observer Unit (COU) Mission in the Northern Area of Operations (AO).

The decision to redeploy to North Camp was prompted by force realignment and essential tasking, underlining the critical need to re-establish the COU Mission.

Fifteen dedicated members of FijiBatt were deployed to provide personnel protection for the COU Mission, showing their unwavering commitment and professionalism.

The return to North Camp was met with a palpable sense of nostalgia and camaraderie, as Fijian peacekeepers reminisced past experiences and friendships forged on the campgrounds.

For many, it was a bittersweet moment, as memories resurfaced of the challenges faced and the cultural diversity that characterised the camp.

Fiji’s reoccupation of North Camp underscores the nation’s steadfast dedication to international peacekeeping endeavours.

Recognised for their invaluable contributions to global peacekeeping missions, Fijian soldiers stationed at NC continue the noble tradition of promoting stability and peace in the region.

As the COU Mission progresses, Fijian peacekeepers at North Camp are poised to make significant strides toward enhancing security and stability in the area.

Their professionalism and unwavering dedication serve as a beacon of hope for a more harmonious world, reaffirming Fiji’s enduring commitment to international peacekeeping efforts.

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