Fiji and Australian universities launch school waste management campaign

Australian High Commissioner to Fiji John Feakes while virtually launching the University of Fiji, Science Circus Pacific and Australian National University organised Secondary School Waste Management Campaign 2021. Picture: SUPPLIED/UNIVERSITY OF FIJI

The University of Fiji, in collaboration with the Australian National University and the Science Circus Pacific, launched the Secondary School Waste Management Campaign on Tuesday this week.

The campaign was launched with the theme “Waste creators to waste managers”. Australian

High Commissioner to Fiji John Feakes said the initiative provided an opportunity to better understand ways to manage the recycling and reusing of waste and develop innovative new waste management techniques.

“In the ever-changing world we live in and the rapid technological changes happening, STEM skills are more crucial than they ever were,” he said.

“Environment education on waste management is important for our children as it allows them to understand the financial and ecological burdens of waste. It will also teach them to apply an ecological lens on matters relating to food diversion in their own homes and communities.

“It is the young people who are often the most vocal demographic when it comes to protecting the environment.”

University of Fiji School of Science and Technology Professor Shawkat Ali welcomed all the attendees and explained how the school offered advice about the programs offered and where the graduates were now placed in the industry.

“People cannot fill up the world with dust,” Prof Ali said.

“We should keep our world better and liveable for everyone. That’s our aim. A competition means to add some value to the community and then they will take the drive to build our community.”

The objective of the project is to educate Fiji’s young minds on the importance of waste management and to introduce waste sorting at home and to encourage youths to come up with innovative ways to make use of their waste, and students to share their ideas of waste reduction with their families and communities.

Students and their teachers will be invited to participate in the campaign.

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