FHH introduces new Risk Control Plan

FHH Safety Officer, Emori Kurisaqila, explains the RCP document to FHH Supervisor North, Ratu Maikali Leweni. Picture: SUPPLIED

A NEW Risk Control Plan (RCP) has been introduces by Fulton Hogan Hiways (FHH) to replace the old Hazard ID checklist.

The document is important as it records both the daily prestart and site risk assessment.

Both FHH crew and subcontractors who work under Fulton Hogan Hiways are required to fill in the RCP.

In a statement issued today, FHH Safety, Quality, Training and Environmental Manager, John Tinsley, said FHH was following the path of the parent company Fulton Hogan Limited.

“The new document replaces the old Hazard ID checklists and sets out the way we identify and control the risks associated with our routine activities,” Mr Tinsley said.

“The new RCP is a much simpler and more flexible tool that can be used across the business. It deliberately focuses our attention on the significant risks that could really hurt people.”

All FHH managers, supervisors and foremen were trained on how to fill out the new Risk Control Plan and were given practical examples of risk assessment and identification of controls.

A total of 111 FHH staff and 55 subcontractors have undergone the training and the crews have started using the new RCP.

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