Fallen officers’ legacies live on; they should be remembered

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Rajeshni Dutt lays a wreath during the Police Remembrance Day ceremony at the Police Special Response Unit in Nasinu on Friday, Sep 29, 2023. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

Police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty should be remembered for their good deeds.

Commissioner Northern Uraia Rainima made this comment as he addressed senior police officers, families and friends who gathered at the Labasa Police Station yesterday for the Remembrance Day.

“Today’s solemn ceremony would no doubt surface our emotions and I am amazed with the work that they have carried out in the Friendly North,” he said.

“In your time of grief and sorrow, I hope that you will always understand the magnitude of the value of their contribution to our beloved Fiji. They may not always be publicly announced, their achievements, however, one only needs to look around to see the booming and thriving economy which is a result of the hard work put in by police in maintaining law and order.”

Mr Rainima said Remembrance Day was a time to celebrate their lives because while they may not be here with us today, their legacies live on through their work.

“Whether it’s in keeping our roads safe, leading men and women at the station level or the conduct of police services on the frontline, they will be remembered.”

For Elsy Dogo, 7, who lost her dad, the late Corporal Sakiusa Dogo last year, living without her dad has been difficult.

“I miss my daddy every day and I wish he was still here with us,” she said.

Another widow, Ilisapeci Tuibua, who only lost her husband Sergeant Isoa Delaivatunawa two weeks ago, said yesterday’s event brought back many memories of their time together.

“We miss him every day and it’s not easy living without our daddy but I thank God that he has contributed to the police force.”