Editorial Comment: A reason to stay focused

Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu. Picture: FT FILE

The revelation that 10 reports were recorded in the Western Division while eight cases were recorded in the Southern Division of people caught breaching the curfew will attract attention.

Acting Commissioner of Police Rusiate Tudravu said there was also one case recorded in the North. We wonder why it is that people are still breaching curfew rules.

ACP Tudravu said arrests made in the Western Division were recorded in Nadi and Sigatoka. Five men were arrested at Yavulo Village in Sigatoka after they were found drunk and disorderly.

Arrests in the Southern Division were all recorded in the Vatuwaqa area in Suva, where seven women and one man were found drunk in public places.

One man was arrested in the Northern Division. He was drunk in Savusavu. We may sound like an old record permanently on replay mode, yet it becomes clear there are people who have no appreciation of rules that govern us.

The turn of events does place pressure on the police force to enforce the curfew hours. 3

It is frustrating when one considers the fact that the majority of Fijians are law-abiding citizens. Yet there are Fijians who continue to push the boundaries, and the laws that govern us.

They continue to test the resolve of our men and women in blue. It is this level of complacency that is dangerous. At a time when the world is battling arguably our biggest enemy, we sit in a corner wrapped up with the fact that we are in containment mode.

As of Thursday afternoon, the World Health Organization had almost 27,738,179 confirmed cases around the world.

That climbed over 28m by yesterday. There were 899,916 deaths as of Thursday afternoon and this number went above 910,000 by last night. The US remained the worst affected country with over 6.3m cases as of last night.

The US reported over 191,769 deaths as of last night. In the face of all that sits our containment mode. We are fortunate that all our cases now were detected at our quarantine facilities.

Our challenge is to maintain the status quo. That will have to be our focus, and what we do will determine how well we stay within that scenario. Then there is the other factor that will be considered. What happens if the curfew is lifted? Given the scenarios we are facing, a lot will need to be considered before that happens.

For now though, it’s in our best interest that we adhere strictly to social distancing rules.

Attention will need to focus on our border security, and at our quarantine facilities. There can be no room for complacency.

Our frontliners must continue to keep their guards up, every day and night. Let’s stay on course Fiji.

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