Deadly landslide in Solomon Islands

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Two people have died and eight others are missing in Solomon Islands after a landslide covered a village in West Guadalcanal.

Police have been deployed to the village at Lambi which is reported to have been partly submerged by the landslide, following continuous heavy rain.

Acting police commissioner Mostyn Mangau issued condolences “to the immediate families, friends and relatives for the loss of their loved ones in this sad incident”.

“Our officers arrived at Lambi by patrol boat and are helping members of the surrounding communities to continue the search for the missing people.

“More officers are being deployed from Honiara to join in the search.”

The bad weather is affecting the whole country and police are calling on people to listen to warnings issued by the met service, Mr Mangau said.

“Take all necessary precautions including those living on hillsides to move to more firmer ground and people living along river sides and streams to move away from the water.”

“Road users in Honiara and throughout the provinces are also advised to take safety measures when travelling on the roads as we experience bad weather throughout the country.

“We do not want to lose any more lives during this bad weather. Let us all work together to make sure of everyone’s safety and security.”