Commitment reaffirmed to build back better

Minister for Transport Faiyaz Koya. Picture: REINAL CHAND/FT FILE

Fiji’s Minister for Commerce, Tourism, Transport and Trade Faiyaz Koya has reaffirmed their commitment as a nation to build back better, stimulate decent jobs and transform into a greener economy while marking World Tourism Day in the weekend.

He said the Fijian Government stood strong in its commitment to ensure tourism remained a pillar for socio-economic prosperity, sustainable development and most importantly — inclusivity.

“We acknowledge the sector’s resilience and commitment towards the Sustainable Development Goals and its unique ability in ensuring that nobody is left behind, especially during this very challenging times,” said Mr Koya.

He added only through an inclusive approach to recovery would the country achieve inclusive growth and benefits.

“These benefits extend far beyond the tourism sector, touching other sectors, such as aviation agriculture, retail, and construction, culture and entertainment, amongst others.

“With a shared vision to build the foundation of a better future, we now embark on revitalisation, rebuilding and readiness.”

Before the pandemic the country had welcomed 900,000 visitors to its shores.

Mr Koya said as a sector they provided jobs to thousands of Fijians across the tourism value chain.

“We opened our doors, our homes, and our hearts to the world.

“We saw the vigour and true potential of ‘Fiji – Where Happiness Finds You’.

“As we celebrate World Tourism Day 2021, we are reminded of the ethos of the theme – ‘Tourism for Inclusive Growth’.”

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