Christians urged to be politically active

Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma clergy members in attendance during the 2018 Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma AGM at the Centenary Church in Suva yesterday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

THE Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma is urging Christians in the country to be politically active as polling day draws near.

Church president the Rev Dr Epineri Vakadewavosa has stressed that: “If we do not vote, we become complicit in any evil perpetrated by our Government, for we could have done something and yet did nothing.”

Mr Vakadewavosa said Christians could not be apathetic about politics.

“We simply cannot ignore our responsibilities as co-rulers in the nation’s democratic system,” Mr Vakadewavosa said.

“We have been appointed by God to be citizens, failure to execute the duties which that position entails is itself a sin. “The Christian faith demands responsible citizenship and Christians who stand up for God’s truth and justice in their individual lives, in the community and the nation.”

Mr Vakadewavosa said Christians should seek by prayer and active political effort to elect godly people to decision making roles and to influence and promote justice and mercy of God’s law.

“Christians everywhere should promote biblical justice in society by faithfully voting.

“The Bible sets standards of justice which Christians should aspire to in the public arena, it is our Christian textbook for civil action.”

He stated that the multicultural nature of the Fijian society commits the church to the honouring of racial, ethnic and cultural difference.

“Its aim is the creation of a united Fiji which recognises the huge contribution of our various ethnic groups to its vitality, style and quality of life.

“The church recognises that such unity does not come without a cost. Therefore, among its own people and in the wider community, it will press for tolerance, openness to and acceptance of difference.”

Mr Vakadewavosa said such goals would require time, money, energy and commitment — a commitment to transformative actions of persons and community alike for the greater good.

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