Best ways to eat broccoli

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Best ways to eat broccoli

LOVELY green colour and very tasty!

You do not know how good broccoli can taste. One taste and you will be hooked.

At the Suva market, broccoli seems to be the last option for consumers.

A market vendor Isireli Tagi noticed that not too many Fijians settled for broccoli when shopping.

“Some of them would come and feel it but refused to buy them because they probably do knot how to eat them,” Mr Tagi explained.

Mr Tagi lives in Nausori, but he buys his stock of broccoli from the Chinese farmers in Delaivalelevu.

He said before, diplomats and other races were his customers, but now it had changed.

He said iTaukei were now big fans of this vegetables.

Being a market vendor for almost 20 years, Mr Tagi said he had enjoyed every moment of it.

“Some days are not good but there are days when I sell everything by the morning because of the demand from customers,” he added.

He said broccoli was one of his favourite produce because of its colour and shape.

“They look fresh all the time and it adds a lot of colours to my table,” he said.

Broccoli frequently earns a top spot on “super foods” lists according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

The research says raw broccoli provides significantly more of this beneficial nutrient than cooked.

If you are still not sure how to eat this food, the website provides some favourite methods of eating it.

Raw — Our favourite way to eat broccoli is in a spicy raw salad, like this recipe for Sexy, Spicy Broccoli from Melissa Clark. Lots of olive oil, chili pepper, and some garlic. Delicious! Also try this Broccoli Slaw.

Steamed — Probably the easiest way to eat a head of broccoli. You can steam broccoli stalks in the microwave quickly and easily. Serve with a little salt, vinegar, and olive oil.

Roasted — Crispier and darker in flavour than the ubiquitous steamed broccoli, roasting is just as easy.

Here’s how to roast broccoli. Great with a little Parmesan cheese!

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