95 per cent visitors from travel partner countries

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Australian tourists arrive at the Nadi International Airport on the first flight out of Sydney as Fiji opens its International border. Picture: REINAL CHAND

Fiji is quarantine free unless you are coming from a non-travel partner country, according to Tourism Fiji CEO Brent Hill.

He said about 95 per cent to 98 per cent of the arrivals were people coming from travel-partner countries.

“I think our first flight from Singapore comes in this week that has some people from non-travel partner countries who do go to quarantine but for the vast bulk of people, they are going into normal arrangements,” he said.

“Essentially, the overarching message is avoid high risk, low vax areas.

“Now within that we say, use CFC (Care Fiji Commitment) approved properties and experiences.”

He said they received a lot of question around the quarantine of visiting friends and relatives.

“So for example, if someone’s coming from Suva came to see family, what we are recommending to people is to say, if you’re fully vax, go and visit them at their hotel you can even stay with them at the hotel. “That’s fine, we’ve cleared that.

“Go have dinner with them in their hotel, go to a restaurant that’s CFC approved.”

He said there were lot of things people could do but wandering around in the market or going home to the village, etc, was probably not the best idea.

He said the reason for the three night stay was to ensure they get to complete the 48-hour test requirement.