2022 General Election: Deruru ready to vote

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Litiana Tiqe (left) with Losana Nai and Simione Deruru at Tukuraki village in Ba. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Simione Deruru says he will vote for a government that protects the rights of landowners in Fiji.

The Tukuraki, Ba, villager said as a landowner, he would vote for a leader he felt, looked after the well-being of future generations.

Despite his remote location, the father-of-three said he had been keeping close tabs on political party activities via his transistor radio.

“Every day, I listen to the news and I’m glad that through that, I have been well-informed and now I’m ready to cast my vote,” Mr Deruru said.

“I have voted all my life and for me personally, I feel my vote is very important because it determines the lives of my future generation.

“I want my land protected for my future generation who stand to benefit from the fruits of the land we are enjoying today, and this is why I am voting.” The former village headman said the 24 eligible residents in his village had all been urged to vote.

He said they were able to share whatever little information they had in the past few days to assist the villagers when they cast their vote during today’s pre-polling.