18-year-olds registered in voters register eligible to vote in municipal elections

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Minister for Local Government and Housing, Maciu Nalumisa. Picture: FIJI GOVERNMENT

Any Fiji citizen who is 18-years-old and over, already registered in the National Register of Voters and resides in a ward boundary within a municipality for at least three months is eligible to vote in the 2024 Local Government Elections.

In a press conference yesterday, Minister for Local Government and Housing Maciu Nalumisa said the forthcoming Local Government Elections is a testament to the commitment of the Coalition Government to uphold the principles of democracy and to empower the residents of municipalities and communities.

“It is our firm belief that the power to choose representatives in the Council should be vested in the hands of the very individuals who reside in these areas,” Mr Nalumisa said.

“It allows the residents to elect leaders who understand the unique needs and challenges of their local areas because they are part of those communities,” he said.

“This is about having the civic pride that every resident has and the developments they think would be best for their respective communities.

“The forthcoming Local Government Elections is a testament to this commitment, and we are dedicated to ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process.”

Face-to-face public consultations will be held from September 25 to October 14.

The Local Government Elections in August next year will allow voters to elect ward councillors to represent them in their respective Municipal Councils.