$100k investment in cosmetic clinic

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The founders and directors of Medical Skin Cosmetic Clinic Dr Harshika Shandil, left, and Dr Vishaal Chandra. Picture: SITERI SAUVAKACOLO

Cosmetic medical procedures have been brought closer to home by a husband-and-wife team in Dr Vishaal Chandra and Dr Harshika Shandil.

The Votualevu, Nadi-based facility known as Medical Skin Cosmetic Clinic, the first for the country, officially opened its door to the public this week with bookings already hitting the roof and with more expected in the coming months.

The $100,000 investment brings to Fiji a range of aesthetic medical servies in phototherapy, laser treatment, botox, skin rejuvenation, age defying, chemical peels, radio frequency, skin conditioning and face lifting to name a few.

“So we are doing general practice and whatever illnesses, acute illnesses, arthritis, minor surgeries like foot infections and all but together with it, there’s something new we are trying to bring,” Dr Shandil explained.

“We’ve seen how people are going overseas for cosmetic surgeries and we thought why not get these services to Fiji.

“Then we came across aesthetic medicine and we developed interest in it.”

The couple underwent vigorous training from the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and will use this specialty to treat locals and boost their morale after rejuvenating their physical beauty.

After plying their trade in the government sector for nearly a decade, they decided to set up an environment where they could get to know their patients better.

Dr Chandra indicated that they hoped to basically deliver the service locally rather than the hassle of travelling abroad to get beauty medical treatment.

“Basically, we’ll be the first medical doctors trained medical, in aesthetic medicine looking after your skin and your beauty.

“We’ve been receiving a lot of calls and a lot of messages, people asking us to give them booking and the prices and treatment.

“But there’s one thing I want to make it like very clear, we cannot look at you properly via a video call, we need to see you in person before we make bookings and recommendations.”

The clinic is located at the Aerotown Complex and just beside the Queens Highway.