Tongan artist to exhibit paintings

Artist Tevita Latu shows his art work that will be exhibited at the Oceania Arts Centre at USP from today. Picture: RAMA

PROMINENT Tongan artist Tevita Latu will be showcasing his creations at the University of the South Pacific today.

Titled, ‘PEPE a tribute to those that did not come’, the exhibition will showcase about 50 paintings that will be on display ranging from different sizes and price ranges.

“I was deeply inspired by the passing of my younger brother, so this is a tribute to him,” Mr Latu said.

“Most of the work has black as a dominant colour, which is an expression of my sorrow and grief, as none of them are happy or smiling.”

He said it took him five weeks to complete the pieces and was quite nervous as it was his first show in the country.

“This is my first time in Fiji and I am quite nervous as my type of work is quite foreign, even in my home country in Tonga.

“I think people will interpret my work more interestingly than I would, and I would welcome comment or feedback on my work.”

Mr Latu’s pieces will go on sale as soon as the doors of the exhibition open at 7.30pm at the Oceania Centre in USP today.

He will carry out workshops for schools and other artists in the coming weeks.

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