Former players convey empathy

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Stonewriters Legacy Institute members Samisoni Viriviri (left), Emosi Mulevoro, Samisoni Raidriwa (Landowner), Vatemo Ravouvou and Isake Katonibau sneds their condolences to the Tuisova family during the groundbreaking ceremony of the 7s Academy in Yako Nadi. Picture: REINAL CHAND

In a solemn moment that transcends the boundaries of rugby, members of the Stonewriters Legacy Institute, comprising former Fiji 7s representatives, expressed their heartfelt condolences to their brothers Pio Tuwai and Josua Tuisova.

The news of their mother’s passing last week cast a somber note over the rugby community, prompting words of comfort and solidarity.

Isake Katonibau, speaking on behalf of the players, conveyed the collective sorrow felt by the tight-knit rugby fraternity.

“Our condolences to the family. We are also grieving with them,” he expressed with genuine empathy.

“We are praying for God to bless them and strengthen them during this hard time.”

In a poignant display of brotherhood, the former 7s reps will be making their way to Votua village in Ba for the ireguregu today, standing side by side with Pio Tuwai and Josua Tuisova as they navigate through the difficult rituals of bidding farewell to a loved one.

The funeral, a gathering of shared memories and support, is slated to take place in Votua village on Tuesday.

As the rugby community unites not only on the field but also in moments of sorrow, the Stonewriters Legacy Institute exemplifies the enduring bonds that extend far beyond the realm of sport, offering solace and strength to their brothers in this time of loss.