Women boost financial literacy skills

PARTICIPANTS of a training workshop were taken through issues related to financial literacy and how to budget their income.

Organised by the Fiji Council of Social Services, the training was undertaken by women leaders from 12 Methodist churches in the Nasinu corridor.

FCOSS Microfinance Services Unit trainer Milika Naulumatua said there were times its taken for granted that people who earn actually know how to budget their income so that their families can actually enjoy the quality of life that comes with earning, which was often not the case.

“Participants also discussed the state of negative financial wellbeing where family earnings are not enough to cover basic needs either due to high level of family debts and bills.

“Its not a situation that’s unfamiliar to people so it gave us the opportunity to emphasise the importance of knowing exactly how much one earns and where it goes in terms of regular and seasonal expenses.

“More importantly to distinguish between what is a need and what is really a want, which is something families can do without,” Ms Naulumatua said.

She said this was a good segway into a lively discussion and exercises on household budgeting.

“The women did exercises that helped them balance household expenses with household income and strategise about changing habits so that they can actually set goals for savings,” she said.

A statement from FCOSS said positive financial wellbeing was about ensuring that a family’s collective earning covers their needs and frees them from the obligation of debts.

The training was undertaken by the women from the Nasinu Methodist Circuit at Nasole Methodist Church Hall in Nasinu.

The financial literacy program is part of FCOSS Microfinance Services Unit (MFU) which serves 4000 clients around Viti Levu.

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