Voters want better roads

National Federation Party supporters at Rishkul Primary during their rally last night.Picture ATU RASEA

POLITICAL propaganda of false promises and false hopes were common stories shared by voters during the pre–polling period of the 2018 General Election.

The elderly voters of Cakaudrove, Bua and Macuata claim that requests for improved basic infrastructure such as better roads, better water supply, bridges and electricity have remained unanswered.

In fact, the elderly voters who recalled promises being made during their younger days told this newspaper that not many changes have happened.

Instead, the well-known phrases such as ‘sa kau cake (being taken up)’ or ‘sa tiko ena i tuvatuva (it’s in the process) have been responses to their queries over the past decades.

For the traditional leader of Satulaki Village, Anasa Qei, pleas to improve road condition had been made since the 1980s.

“During my time as a district rep and village leader, we always discuss the road issues in all meetings and the only thing they tell us is that it will be taken up,” he said.

“It has been taken up many times that it has reached heaven and the angels have looked at it and brought back down to us. The roads are still the same and we need to walk three hours to the main road.

“So we hope that whatever government comes into power next week, they will build our roads because right now we spend $60 for every hired trip from Labasa. There are no bus services to this area.”

Village headman Atunaisa Tuinayau said yesterday’s pre-poll was considered an important event for villagers because they wanted their roads improved.

“So we came to vote because we want the new government to repair our roads to make travelling easy for us,” he said. Villagers of Navakuru, Baleyaganiga, Nayarabale, Dakuniba, Nakalou, Suweni and other villages shared similar sentiments.

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