Voters urged to use free SMS platform to check details

Villagers queue up to cast their votes at Burelevu village in Ra Picture BALJEET SINGH

SUPERVISOR of Elections Mohammed Saneem has again encouraged voters to text their voter card number to 1500 to check where they are actually assigned to vote.

Mr Saneem said the 1500 SMS platform that has been available to voters since February this year, has only had verification done by about one sixth of voters as of Tuesday.

“We are now beginning to notice that a lot of Voters have not used the 1500 SMS platform to check where they are actually assigned to vote,” he said.

“We are now seeing that a lot more Voters are turning out to be disappointed because they are turning up to Polling Venues and they are not finding their names in it simply because they are registered to vote somewhere else.”

Under the Registration of Voters Act, a Voter is required to amend his/her details within 21 days of change of such, and failure to do so is an offence as well.

Mr Saneem said the Fijian Elections Office [FEO] had taken the approach that a voter should update their details as and when they were able to take advantage of their service around the country.

“Whilst the FEO Voter List is not like the 2006 Voter List or the earlier election, this Voter List is actually verifiable,” he said.

“It has been verified by Turaga ni Koro’s once at least a month before the election. And then it was verified in the first two week of the General Election following the issuance of the Writ and these Lists have been signed off by the Turaga ni Koro’s.

“So if you name is not on the Voter List that’s because you were not in the village at the time and you have moved into that village.”