Letters to the Editor – October 21, 2020

Hunter Paisami of the Wallabies charges forward during the Bledisloe Cup against the New Zealand All Blacks at Sky Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand. Picture: RUGBY PASS.COM

Bledisloe Cup battle

NZ and Australia fans were at the edge of their seats as the All Blacks demolished the Wallabies in the second Bledisloe Cup clash at Eden Park 27-7. After the 16-all draw in Wellington, the hosts were quick to erase memories of their underperformance and put up a gallant fight to score four scintillating tries. Hats off to upcoming star Caleb Clarke who made his family proud with his devastating performance. Clarke fired the ABs to the redemption at Eden Park. His dad was excited. It was a delight seeing Clarke making those massive hits and power-packed runs. The same goes to young Hoskins Sotutu who had an impressive show in the Bledisloe Test. Victory for the ABs while the hoodoo continues for the Wallabies! Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam Nadawa, Nasinu

A response

I refer to the article appearing in The Fiji Times letters to the editor by Julie Sutherland, dated October 20, 2020 titled ‘Voting loophole’. In order to register, an individual is required to provide us with: i) his/her original or certified true copy of the birth certificate and any of the valid photo ID listed below: ii) Fijian Passport or FNPF ID or Driver’s Licence or Social Welfare ID or Employment ID or Tertiary Student ID or FRCS/FNPF Joint Card. We wish to make it clear that submission of birth certificate component is compulsory and the photo IDs are used for verification purposes. Our staff are well trained and offer professional advice in terms of the services that we provide. We are confident that no such advice has been given by staff of FEO (Fijian Elections Office) as alleged by Ms Sutherland. The FEO is currently upgrading its website and should Ms Sutherland have any enquiries, she was free to contact us on the details provided on the page. Rangeet Chand Manager Voter Registration Fijian Elections Office

One coin per family

It was announced that all students from Years 1 to 13 Fiji-wide will be given a commemorative Fiji Day coin yet it seems this hasn’t been the case with all schools. Instead, I believe only one child is given the coin per family if there is more than one child attending the same school. While it is cynical to suggest some schools could be capitalising on this generous and patriotic gesture by the Government, could it otherwise mean the Government was naive in thinking this practice would not occur? All I know is that I wouldn’t want to be around to witness siblings fighting over the one coin. Julie Sutherland Tamavua, Suva

Sweet mangoes

A bountiful harvest of ripe mangoes in my neighbourhood, will now never happen this season and that just changes the mood, thanks to the recent strong winds and heavy rain, which had brought down the flowers and young buds, never to fruit again, the dream of our own sweet mangoes, has now been shattered, to leave that awesome reality, disappointedly in tatters, the dream was really short and sweet while it lasted, now we here in the neighbourhood, will no longer have that glorious harvest, we will just have to rely on, those sweet delights from the West, that will always remain something that we here can always depend on, to put our minds and taste-buds and rest, until the next season. Edward Blakelock Admiral Circle, Pacific Harbour

Nadro forward

A great effort is a victory, no matter what but Nadroga is the best for everything, tourism to rugby and slowly to soccer. Looking at the hype on Saturday showed the great happiness that all multicultural people having hands together to welcome the new era for Nadroga with the unveiling of the horse statue. Indeed the horse looks promising for Nadroga and its people. Keep growing Stallions. Jaheed Buksh Korolevu, Sigatoka

Cyclone period

We will soon be roaring into the cyclone main probe which is from November to April. Just a reminder to all. Start working on it now. At least have things stacked for the actual moment so that it is all there to be utilised. Let’s be safe with precaution. Kirti Patel Lautoka

Healthy food choices

Inspiring and thought provoking letters by Bhindi and Diwan Chand (FT 16/10) should be well noted by health conscious consumers. The messages conveyed simply awards us all on healthy eating plans for lifetime. The whole family’s health can be affected by the type of food we eat to survive in this world. It’s heartening to know the Fiji government is putting a lot more emphasis on food production for self sufficiency. In the very near future we may also see our home reared goats affordable for  our local consumption for Christmas and parties. For jackfruit, breadfruit and ivy we have been depending a lot on food from the jungle now to its exhaustion. Now it’s heartening to know orchards for these foods are being planned by agriculture and soon will be self sufficient with our own supply.  Let’s hope with careful planning all Fijians will be able to afford putting healthy food on the table for our family.  Healthy food for thought should be everyone’s concern. TAHIR ALI Hamilton, New Zealand

Talanoa session

THE PM and his entourage had a talanoa session with the people of Nadi. We in Lautoka had been invited and were well prepared for a talanoa session in Lautoka, it never happened. I wonder why?
ALLEN LOCKINGTON, Kava Place, Lautoka

Making ends meet

I believe the difficulties associated with the pandemic has made it extremely difficult for some FNPF pensioners to make ends meet, adding to the woes of ordinary Fijians. A pensioner receiving as an example, $200 per month 20 years ago would still be receiving exactly the same amount now. We all know that the buying power for the same dollar diminishes progressively over the years and this has downgraded some of these pensioners to below the poverty line. FNPF would be enhancing one of its core functions if it considers reviewing these rates annually and adjusting the pension to reflect increases in cost of living. This would be a just method of addressing difficulties experienced by this class of citizens who chose to invest in their future and relieve the government of the day from this burden. Emosi Balei Suva

Customer services

Sometimes I think that some government employees — yes, civil servants — should come spend a month or two as a frontliner within the tourism industry as part of their work practical requirement. Some of these people do not know the meaning of customer service! Neither do they understand what deadlines mean when it comes to reports and such that they should prepare for the populace that they are supposed to serve! It is heartaching not to mention high blood pressure rising to have to chase someone to do their jobs especially when we have paid for the service! You wouldn’t last a month in our shoes I tell you! Reapi Nayacakalou Nadi

Happy celebrations

The Hindu community throughout the world started Navratri (Nine days) celebrations on October 17 and will continue until October 26. These nine days are devoted to fasting and prayers for each form of Maa Durga. This festival is basically the victory of good over evil; symbolising the killing of Mahisasur (evil doer) by Durga. The 10 forms of evil in human life are: 1. Kaam = lust; 2. Krodh = Anger; 3.Lobh = Greed; 4. Moh = Attachment; 5 Ahankar = Ego; 6 Darr = Fear; 7. Irsha = Jealousy; 8. Jadta = Inertia; 9. Nafrat = Hatred; and 10. Paschataap = Guilt. It is the endeavour of the devotees to get rid of these from their life so that they can pursue peace, love and happiness. Devotees fast, pray, abstain from sex or meat eating. Navratri ends with Dandia dancing, chanting and singing the holy names of Maa Durga A series of other smaller festivals follow and all these lead to the final culmination of the grandest Hindu festival of Deepawali (Festival of lights) on November 16. May I wish all devotees a very auspicious and happy Navratri celebrations. Dewan Chand Donu Place, Namadi Heights, Suva

Election win

Jacinda Ardern’s election win is a win for New Zealand’s future. Mohammed Imraz Janif Natabua, Lautoka


Thank you Rosy Akbar and the Government for giving students their 50 cents souvenir piece. Miss 6 and Miss 10 were over the moon. You made their weekend. Vinaka vakalevu. Korina Waibuta Knollys St, Suva

Gift saga

I believe the 50 cents given to school children in Fiji were used by some students for what it can buy – lollies, chewing gum and other sweets. This only contributes to more NCDs in Fiji. What a mentality! Kositatino Tikomaibolatagane Vuninokonoko Rd, Navua

Wise choices

I do not hold people who pray and fast too much in very high regard. For the simple reason that I believe these people are looking for divine intervention instead of working hard or making wise choices in their lives. How many politicians are there who adhere to this practice? Fiji and Fijians will be poorer if such people are elected to govern because I believe things will be left to the will of God. A convenient excuse for those who have no talent, no solutions and no idea. Jan Nissar Carlton, NSW, Australia

Not well

More evidence that all is far from well in our beloved country. Stoning and stabbing reported on the same day. Where is peace? Where is respect for one another? We are not starting our next 50 years in the right way. Tessa Mackenzie Suva

Swimming pool

Whatever happened to the botanical swimming pool project? Investigation report is not out, nothing in the media and the Minister for Local Government is quiet on the matter. Abdul K. Khan Lautoka

Potato farming

I am glad that so many people are planting vegetables and root crops at home. Healthy living, fresh vegetables and money saved will definitely help many struggling families. My concern is whatever happened to the potato planting scheme that has been happening over the past four years? Is the potato farming still in process or has it been stopped? John Brown Lautoka

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