Letters to the Editor – August 5, 2021

Taane Milne on attack against the Kangaroos during their semi-fi nal match at the Brisbane Stadium in 2017. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA/FILE

Rugby league motivation

I BELIEVE our rugby league team who are contemplating participating in the World Cup this year will not be short of motivation. As The Fiji Times reported yesterday, the coach has alluded to the fact that if the locally talented players can do it in 7s rugby, why can’t they replicate the same in rugby league? It is quite clear that wins like this at the Olympics create such large impacts amongst the sporting fraternity. This only grows our self-belief as we draw inspiration from our 7s team. I believe others will follow suit. PRANIL RAM Votualevu, Nadi

RLWC campaign fire

VODAFONE Fiji Bati head coach Joe Rabele shared that Fiji’s recent exploits of bringing home gold and bronze medals from the Tokyo Olympic Games had added fuel to the fi re, as Fijians count days to the RLWC tournament in England. The Fiji Bati has come close to the semifinal, and beat NZ in the quarters in the last RLWC, but the Bati has yet to taste cup success. I’m adamant that our thrilling performance in Tokyo will lift the spirits of the Fiji Bati team. On the other hand, I’m looking forward to the lift-out in The Fiji Times, thanks to our hardworking sports team, to commemorate the Tokyo Olympic Games success. By the way, vinaka vakalevu for the nice and colourful pictures in yesterday’s The Fiji Times. Just like the 2016 poster, I’m getting this year’s posters framed, as they are a “special bit” of history for me! RAJNESH ISHWAR LINGAM Nadawa, Nasinu

Happiness issue

NOW over a year since the world went into lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic upended life as we knew it. In that time, everyday routines, sources of joy, and relationships have changed, often leaving little room for happiness. In its place, fear and sadness have become constant companions for many people, felt so often that they become base emotions. Walking around town the other day, I could see the sadness in most people’s eyes. The pandemic has fundamentally altered our shape of life thus unavoidably reducing happiness. When happiness is out of reach, what should we aim at in order to have a life we still look forward to living amidst the difficulties we face? This question lingers in my mind. PS. I was walking around town getting essentials, not looking at women. Lol! WISE MUAVONO Balawa, Lautoka

Drive-through vaccination

I RECENTLY went to the South Seas Club drivethrough vaccination for my mum. I must say, it was well-organised, fast with a good service. The medical staff were friendly and helpful. Since, there was not much crowd at the time, I was in and out in no time. The smiling faces and good communication made my mum feel at ease. The staff also thanked people for going there to get vaccinated. Since we were registered beforehand, the process was much faster. My personal experience was good and all went well. I thank the frontliners there for their kind gesture and also to the South Seas Club for making the venue available for this much needed course. It is good to know many people are coming forward to get vaccinated. Please people get your vaccine as the sooner, the better for us, our family, our community and the whole nation. We have to move forward. KIRTI PATEL Lautoka

Mental health

AS spectators, we fail to recognise and appreciate what athletes go through in order to represent their various countries. I am highlighting the importance of mental health after the withdrawal of American gymnast Simone Biles, from certain team competitions, to protect her mental health. Following this move last week, she received mixed reactions from different audiences across the world, however, she came back after feeling “much more like herself” and won a bronze medal for her nation on Tuesday (Fiji time). I think it is time now that organisations and the people, generally, should start recognising the importance of emotions and intellectual aspects of a person. Biles, widely regarded as the greatest gymnast of all time, took such a step to protect her own state of mind, especially when the globe is facing the brunt of a pandemic, then I think other athletes and people facing something similar should take time out for themselves too. Mental health is important, and so are you! Thank you Biles. RAYNAV CHAND Nakasi

First jabs

GOOD to see that almost 84 per cent of the target population have now had their first jabs. Hopefully before Christmas, Fiji will be fully vaccinated and then they should start thinking about what to do with the children. So does that mean that 84 per cent of the target population is now fully magnetised and now they can all generate electricity from within their own bodies? I would like to see a Tik- Tok video of a whole back yard lit up with light bulbs from the jabs. JAN NISSAR NSW, Australia

Here for a reason

I TRULY believe COVID- 19 is here for a reason. Look around and within in regards to the shadowing physical and mental frame of mind, approaches and attitudes happening individually, our home, families, communities, associations, clubs, faith groups, institutions, political interest, national governance etc, before the coronavirus found its way into our shores. Numbers of iron wings flying without regards to the basic aspects of life within our masses brought disparity and disproportion of communal life that was systematically creating an imbalance in our society. COVID-19 has put many people’s foot back on the ground, brought many together, regrouped people, altered courses, opened up minds, tilling of lands etc. This pandemic has just fairly jogged our memory that we may independently adjust and recaliberate our course to keep on moving. Take off those heavy bags and look within for there is life calling on us every day, it just needs our attentionto wheel in those strengths. AREKI DAWAI Suva

COVID deaths

IN a televised news item the MoH is concerned with the rise in COVID related deaths. Then permanent secretary for the Health Ministry Dr James Fong says that fortunately they have the capacity to cater for the increased deaths. Huh? The MoH is happy they can store more dead bodies? What a statement! I’m flabbergasted. Furthermore and according to “know it all”, a lockdown will cripple the economy. So the deaths don’t matter? Someone, quick, lend me a cat-o’-nine-tails please. ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka

Our tackles

IF there was one surprise package in our 7s team both Fiji and Fijiana that was the ferocious tackling that we are always renowned for. Most teams ignore analysing our tackles noting our renowned trend of high tackles and cards flashing. There was a clear difference this time. On the other hand the scarcity of our offload game which many team analyse was another surprise combo that kept other teams confused. Vinaka Baber and company, well done changing the game plan 360 degrees. End result — koula. Bula but could not resist my pick on Mr Baber’s name change to Ratu Gareti Baba … sa lave mai na rara joka dina, kon roki, roko. Kerekere talanoa, stop the tanoa. SHALWYN PRASAD Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

Way forward

AS a way forward for our women’s rugby in Fiji, I would love to see that they have their own rugby union like the current structured FRU and maybe named as Fiji Women’s Rugby Union (FWRU). Maybe they have started it but it needs to be further strengthened and get all the support it should get just like FRU. Qualified women sports administrators should be encouraged and be given priority to apply and hold top managerial positions from CEO level to middle management levels. As for board members we have many local capable women leaders who can take the helm of board positions because these women leaders have proved themselves by challenging the status quo during this COVID-19 pandemic. They know who they are as they always walk the talk and not pay lip service. I’m optimistic that international donor agencies such as UN Women, NZAid, AUSAid and Coalition of NGOs can come on board to start this humongous task into action rather than words. As fellow Fijians we can all start together by addressing women and girls discrimination and suffering first, by starting now at our individual homes, families, church, vanua and communities. Sports can be used as a vital tool to promote or address Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls (EVAWG). You can enquire with FWCC to assist you on how it is done appropriately and correctly. In acknowledging the efforts of our Fijiana ruggers in this Tokyo 2020 Olympics, their incredible performance and bronze medal should be made worthy of all its weight and value as our men’s gold medals. Let’s set a target that come the Paris Olympics 2024, FWRU will be a fully-fledged organisation as a beacon of hope to our women and girls. JIOJI M CAKACAKA Tadra, Votualevu, Nadi

Curfew hours

IS there any indication to confirm whether the revised curfew time of 6pm has had a positive impact on the virus spread? The updated COVID dashboard apparently specifies otherwise, as we are now leading the global race on the number of infections documented daily. NISHANT SINGH Lautoka

Kite time 

IT is interesting to see kites becoming a popular way to kill lockdown time in Fiji these days. This reminds me of a famous saying by Winston Churchill “Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it”. We should stop resenting challenges and view it as an opportunity to challenge ourselves or develop a new skill. To all my fellow kite pilots I request you to be considerate of the environment while flying and avoid hitting birds other than that have a safe journey. AZIM ISHAK Laucala Beach Estate, Nasinu

FNPF money

I BELIEVE according to FNPF phase two applications opens on August 9 and closes on September 17. It makes a total of two months, two weeks and a longer process for one single payment. I’m just assuming how are people surviving from the last payment? I believe there are so many rules after the budget release and yet we’re behind. The only question people asking is what are we going to eat? Have mercy on poor people please. JAHEED BUKSH Korolevu, Sigatoka

Curfew time 

THE people of Naqara on Taveuni have asked for more police presence. I said to myself, “How come?” There is a curfew in place, all over Fiji for that matter. Oh and I was informed that robberies happened during curfew hours.While I was still scratching my head, a businessman said that he wondered if the curfew was to keep them at home and drunks could roam free. “Sa,” said the Wizard of Uncertainty. “It’s not right, oh how ghastly.” ALLEN LOCKINGTON Kava Place, Lautoka

Unsung heroes

WE also need to keep in our minds and thoughts all the players that missed the cut to the Olympics and those who were part of the extended squad. They all are unsung heroes and those behind the scenes who trained with our boys and moulded the team to a winning combination. The competition within the team, the unseen sacrifice and I can’t forget Mocenacagi as one example. To nitro, Ikanakoda, Sadrugu, Taliga, Kavekini all koula heroes joka kece. Forgive me if I have missed anyone but you all in our prayers. This is Viti the way the world should see kaukauwa dina. SHALWYN PRASAD Mukta Ben Place, Nabua, Suva

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