High prevalence coronary heart in younger population

Dr Pradeep Nayar (Management of Coronary Heart Disease) delivers his speech during the Continuing Medical Education seminar at GPH. Picture: RAMA

MORE cases of coronary heart disease have been seen in the younger population.

This was highlighted by MIOT Pacific Hospitals cardiologist Dr Pradeep Nayar during a medical education seminar on coronary heart disease in Suva yesterday.

Dr Nayar said they saw people between the ages of 30 to 40 years having coronary heart disease.

He said if a person was in a profession where stress level was high, then they need to find a way to work out to reduce their stress.

Dr Nayar added that this was because stress caused inflation in the body which could lead to a heart attack.

He said some ways in which people could prevent coronary heart disease was by having low fat, low cholesterol and a low carbohydrate diets.

He said regular walks for 30 minutes also helped and people should live a less stressful life.

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