Clubs call for answers

Simione Marika

SOME affiliate clubs of the Namosi Rugby Union claim they have been unfairly treated over the administration and running of the union.

Namosi Highlanders representative for the union and St Peter Rugby Club head coach Simione Marika claims members of eight clubs located in the highlands of Namosi are not happy with the operation of the union.

“I am the Namosi Highlanders representative in the Namosi Rugby Union,” Marika said.

“Clubs in the highlands are village teams and they are St Peters Rugby Club from Namosi Village, St Michael RC from Navunikabi Village, St Gabriel RC from Nakavika Village, Namuamua RC, Wainiyavu RC, Saliadrau RC, Senibua RC from Wainimakutu Village and Seniqumu RC from Naqarawai Village.

“Namosi Rugby Union had advertised a Namosi 10 tournament. We, the highlanders, are asking who authorised the tournament because as affiliates of the union, we had not been informed. Members of our clubs and our elders are asking ‘Ka ni cava qori’ (what is it for?) We are asking questions because we had been left in the dark for so long.

“What is happening in the union? Last year we did not complete our club competition. We had not had our annual general meeting for the past two years.

“How did we select players to represent Namosi if there was no club competition? Who are the clubs representing Namosi now? “There seems to be only two clubs. Where are the rest? This is the vanua team for the people of Namosi, yet we are left in the dark.

“Our chief the Tui Namosi had been used to appoint officials. Please leave him alone and don’t use him for personal gain because he is our paramount chief. We need answers.

“We are villagers and unemployed. There are no proper advice on what will happen or whether we will have club games. We want the AGM to take place. We want to know what procedure we are following regarding the appointment of union officials, and the selection of players. Namosi Rugby Union is about the vanua and the people of Namosi. We request if meetings and games could be held in Namosi because it is accessible to our villages. During club games or Skipper Cup season, each team pays $200 one way to reach Navua to play at Thomson Park. We are farmers and that’s too much because of our families. We hope this could be solved soon before the start of our season.”

Comments were sought from the union.

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