2022 Fiji Election: Big crowd show support during PA, NFP rally.

PAP and NFP supporters surround party leaders Biman Prasad and Sitiveni Rabuka at civic centre centre in Labasa. Picture SERAFINA SILAITOGA

A BIG crowd that gathered at The People’s Alliance-National Federation Party rally in Labasa yesterday shouted “Kick them out, vote them out” – in reference to the FijiFirst Government.

As PA leader Sitiveni Rabuka and NFP leader Professor Biman Prasad took the stage at the Labasa Civic Center, people clapped and cheered, assuring them of their support.

The two leaders were also in Dreketi, Seaqaqa and Bua, where huge crowds, including chiefs and rice farmers, met them.

“We (PA and NFP) will form the next Government,” Mr Rabuka said.

“We will allow the family of the late Dr Brij Lal to bring his ashes to Tabia, Labasa to Mr Lal’s family.

“We will write off the TELS debts, but recipients will have to work in Fiji for three or four years before migrating.

“Recipients will give back through service to Fiji, but no financial repayments as we will write off the debt.”

Mr Rabuka said they would reinstate the Ratu Sukuna public holiday and would also set aside a public holiday to remember the girmitya.

Prof Prasad said the support had been overwhelming and Fiji would see positive changes after December 14 when the coalition would come into power.

“We have made it clear what the next Government will be like in terms of policies and leadership that will be provided for the people of Fiji,” he said.

In response to the “We will vote FijiFirst out” cheers, Professor Prasad said, “This is an honest assessment, hearing people around the country and seeing the support, I can tell the people of Fiji and Vanua Levu that by December 14, there will be a PA and NFP government.”

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