2022 Fiji Election: Gradual transition of power ‘essential’ – Singh.

Agni Deo Singh. Picture: Eliki Nukutabu

A GRADUAL transition of power from government to government is an essential feature of any functioning democracy.

This was highlighted by National Federation Party (NFP) candidate Agni Deo Singh during the party’s talanoa session at Jagindra Singh Primary School in Tamavua, Suva, recently.

“Governments come, governments get elected in a democracy, they come, they do their bit, they go,” he said.

“The next government comes, carries on from there.

“Now, when the next government comes, they carry on with all the good things that the previous government has done. All the good things that have been there will continue and improve on them.

“All those other things that are not good enough, they’re not good for the people, are the ones that have to change. So that is how governments, successive governments work.”

He said he wanted to make this point, as there were rumours that certain government initiatives would be removed if a new government came into power.

“That is not the truth. I think our party leader and also our partner, The People’s Alliance, the leader has also very clearly stated that all those things will stay.” Youth candidate Apenisa Vatuniveivuke said this period was a very important moment for people in Fiji.

“A lot of us are still deciding who to vote for, but none of us are still thinking about what kind of party you want to vote for,” he said.

“Let me be very clear. The National Federation party has always stood for what is right ever since it started in 1963.

“Yeh humara waqt hai (this is our time), this is NFP’s time.

” Mr Vatuniveivuke said many parties that were formed in Fiji’s history had their leaders and later disappeared.

“I can tell you when Bainimarama disappears, so will the FijiFirst party.”

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