2018 General Election: Cawai wants roads fixed

Merelita Cawai, 65, after casting her vote at the pre polling at Rewasau village in Naitasiri. Picture: ERONI TUINUKU

SIXTY-FIVE-YEAR-OLD Merelita Cawai was hospitalised for six months, and upon her return, she made an effort to be at the Rewasau Village hall to cast her vote for a candidate she believes will answer her prayers.

Mrs Cawai has been in and out of hospital since January without any confirmation as to what sickness she was suffering from.

“I have been sick and I’m still feeling weak, but I wanted to vote because I want the Government to fix our road so that the bus can come right up to the village for the sake of sick villagers who can’t afford to hire transport to the hospital,” Mrs Cawai said.

The Laselevu villager, who lives in Rewasau, said her vote carried a message to the Government to provide assistance for the sick to have accessible routes to the village.